Debate: What developing countries need from COP26


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This debate is took place on Wednesday, 20 October, from 11.00 – 12.30 UK time (GMT+1)

Communities in the global South are feeling the greatest impacts of the climate crisis. Ahead of the crucial COP26 climate talks,SciDev.Netbrought together a panel of climate specialists to make sense of the upcoming United Nations negotiations and find out what matters to climate-vulnerable communities in the global South.

The debate discussed how climate change is affecting everything from agriculture to public health and fragile peace agreements. We asked which agenda items communities around the world will be watching as their country delegates meet in the UK in November, and find out how COVID-19 travel restrictions will affect community leaders’ abilities to join the conversation.

The panel:

Samir Tantawi,埃及向UNFCC的第四次全国性沟通项目经理;前IPCC报告撰稿人
Ritu Bharadwaj, climate governance and finance senior researcher at the International Institute for Environment and Development
Martin Muchangi,AMREF Health Africa的水,卫生和卫生专家;全球气候与健康联盟成员
Ineza Grace, co-director of the Loss and Damage Youth Coalition; founder of The Green Fighter Rwanda
Alexandre Antonelli科学主任皇家植物公园ns, Kew; systematics and biodiversity professor at the University of Gothenburg
维多利亚·塔利 - 科普斯, former UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous peoples; executive director at Tebtebba Foundation